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Bad Brakes

Today I am starting to attempt to write for thirty minutes a day. At this moment, thirty minutes feels like quite a bit. I don’t necessarily intend to begin writing with an idea in mind or to make all of my writings public. I don’t really know if there is a purpose behind my attempt at this practice other than to improve my writing skills as well as being consistent with producing something. Even now I am unsure of where the next sentence is going. I’m pondering whether or not this will be something that I put out there for the world to read.

The “world” being anyone that happens to land on my website - which is basically nobody except people that find a link on my résumé or something. In which case, I’m not sure this seemingly-senseless rambling makes me a more desirable job candidate. Maybe some old friend or family member will stumble upon this and somehow think I am stranger than they previously did.

I did briefly glance at this article earlier today. Perhaps finding that article today was the push I needed to get myself to publish this.

I’m not sure why my thoughts or writing would be worth anyone’s time. Perhaps that’s my lesson for the day: who cares. (Side note: “Just Do It” is the best slogan ever). Perhaps I need to find a way not to start every sentence with “perhaps.” Perhaps I have already become a better writer (doh! Did it again).

I’m surprised I have been able to write this much. Most probably think “it took him a half hour to write that?!?” Sorry. I’m practicing. Like some sort of middle school English exercise.

This paragraph is an experiment in short paragraphs.

See how wildly creative I am? Maybe I’ll even come up with some creative sort-of-clickbait-but-not-clickbaity-enough-to-make-you-think-I’m-that-kind-of-person title. Write now this Google doc is simply titled “2-19-2018.” Whoops - now I have to publish this today I guess. No more procrastination. “But wait! Don’t let him get away with this! He used the wrong ‘write/right!’” My response to that would be: “nah mang, I’m just already throwin’ down writing puns like it’s my job.”

Time to put this car in park for the day. I can’t believe you read this. If you’re bored enough to read all of this, then maybe you’re cool enough to tell me what kind of car I just put into park in a comment below.

Was that a call to action? Wow I’m good. (Your thought: “this dude needs help”).

My response to your thought that you totally had before I gave you your own thought for you: “I totally control your mind now.”

Ok, I can’t believe I actually wrote for a whole half hour. This must be a car on a hill with bad brakes.

See ya later. Toodaloo. Or however you end these things...