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Yesterday I discovered Pineapple Supply Co. Ghost connects with Unsplash to help me find images to use with these ramblings. After writing yesterday’s post, I searched “stupid” on Unsplash and the first image that came up was a pineapple - the pineapple you see up top here.

I was curious about how this “stupid” pineapple appeared and that’s how I ended up learning about Pineapple Supply Co. On their about page an interesting story was revealed to me. Something about an obsession with a fruit used to generate positivity quickly resonated with me.

The site encourages you to “be a pineapple” and spread good vibes. What began as goofy pineapple emoji spam has evolved into something that has a genuine mission to attack negativity and growing mental illness. It could be a rough day, but then you remember there’s a guy out there that’s taken hundreds of pictures of pineapples just to help bring some optimism. Perhaps “optimism through absurdity” is an expression to be explored.

I’m not sure what else I can say, but maybe a little pineapple is what you needed today. I’ll end with Pineapple Supply Co’s main slogan:

Stay Golden.