Batted Ball Data

A look at baseball batted ball data. See the code here.
Tech used: Vue.js, Vuetify, ApexCharts, Python for light data manipulation

Fantasy Baseball Charts

A project that scrapes a fantasy baseball league on ESPN and displays weekly totals over the course of a season. See the code here.
Tech used: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, Cheerio, d3.js

This Site

My personal blog site.
Tech used: Ghost, Nginx, AWS, PM2

Misplaced Hashtags

A goofy Twitter bot that swaps around trending hashtags.
(Note - it is currently unfiltered and I can't control what other people tweet)
Tech used: Node.js, Twitter API

Cheesy Tweets

If you want to look at what everyone says about cheese on Twitter while viewing a pulsing cube that was eventually going to look like a wedge of cheese, you've come to the right place. Also, find help.
Tech used: Node.js, Express,, WebGL/Three.js, Twitter API

NFL Tweets

Displays side-by-side streams and counters on two keywords in a Twitter search. I made it Bears vs Packers.
Tech used: Node.js, Express,, Twitter API

Twitter Stream Data

A beginning look at a specific search term on Twitter. Tracks tweets/minute and displays bar graphs.
Tech used: Node.js, Express,, d3.js, Twitter API